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Social effects of divorce

Conservative Christians have traditionally been known for their opposition to divorce. Various Biblical statements discourage divorce,12 and reinforce the value of marriage,3 4 a value which is well recognized by professional studies.5 6 7 Many studies have demonstrated the long term negative effects of divorce on the individuals involved 8 9 10 11 and on society.12 13 Single parenting is […] 

Sexualized media & sex education

Christians have objected for decades to the sexualized imagery of secular media, 1 2 3 4 citing Biblical principles 5 6 and arguing that such content is damaging, 7 especially to young people. 8 Though such objections are derided by popular opinion as ‘old fashioned’, numerous professional studies confirm they are factually based. 9 10 Children are highly affected by […] 

Have evils been performed in the name of science?

The Facts From the 18th century up to the late 20th century, doctors and scientists were repeatedly responsible for numerous inhumane acts carried out on both humans and animals in the name of science.1 2 3 This does not discredit science as a body of knowledge and method of investigation, but it is a reminder that the special privileges4 and […] 

What benefits are there to being religious?

The Challenge Atheist authors Christopher Hitchens1 and Richard Dawkins2 have condemned religious belief as harmful and useless. Both authors have been criticized for failing to note specific benefits of strong religious belief.34567 The Facts Strong religious belief provides a range of physical, emotional, social, financial, psychological, and health benefits;89 reducing health risks, increasing the likelihood of longevity10 and mental health,11 […]