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Taxonomic analysis in satanological studies

This entry is part 2 of 14 in the series Then the Devil Left: Satan’s lack of presence in the Apostolic FathersThe following table presents a taxonomy for assessing the extent to which a text exhibits belief in supernatural evil. Within this taxonomy the term ‘mythological’ refers to supernatural evil (‘cosmological’ and ‘mythological’ are both used in the literature). Each […] 

Historicity of the book of Acts (1)

How historically accurate is the book of Acts? Current scholarly attitudes range widely; 1 German theologian Adolf von Harnack’s extreme criticism has been discredited, 2 but Ramsay’s views 3 are considered exaggerated, 4 and Sherwin-White’s praise 5 is qualified. 6 Professor of Religion Charles Talbert judges Acts to be consistently accurate with regard to many details: 7 8 Thessalonican city […] 

Textual Criticism: Bart Erhman & the New Testament text

The book ‘Misquoting Jesus’ (2005), by Bart Ehrman (a professional textual critic and ex-Christian), has been cited widely as presenting an overwhelming case for the unreliability of the textual transmission of the New Testament. Ehrman’s work is neither a breakthrough nor a revelation.1 2 He raises no new textual difficulties, contributes no new evidence, and in a number of cases […] 

Is the ‘Secret Gospel of Mark’ genuine?

The Text The text (supposedly discovered in 1958), appears to be a letter from early Christian writer Clement of Alexandria (c. 150-c.215), quoting a ‘secret gospel’ by Mark.1 2 Analysis Smith himself noted features of the text which could indicate it was an imitation of Mark’s style by another writer.3 4 5 6 Physical analysis has been impossible since the […]