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Historicity of the book of Acts (4)

The historicity of Acts is taken seriously (though not accepted completely), even by highly regarded critical scholars such as Gerd Lüdemann,1 Alexander Wedderburn,2 Hans Conzelmann,3 and Martin Hengel.4 Furthermore, recent modern studies are far more positive in their assessment of the historicity of Acts than many previous critical commentaries.5 Acts 1:1-14: Visions of Christ Lüdemann acknowledges the historicity of Christ’s […] 

Historicity of the book of Acts (1)

How historically accurate is the book of Acts? Current scholarly attitudes range widely; 1 German theologian Adolf von Harnack’s extreme criticism has been discredited, 2 but Ramsay’s views 3 are considered exaggerated, 4 and Sherwin-White’s praise 5 is qualified. 6 Professor of Religion Charles Talbert judges Acts to be consistently accurate with regard to many details: 7 8 Thessalonican city […]