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Historicity of the book of Acts (5)

Paul’s Commission: Acts 9:1-2 It has been claimed there is no historical basis for Paul’s commission from the High Priest to extradite from Damascus to Jerusalem any Jews who had become Christians,1 and that neither the High Priest nor the Sanhedrin had any jurisdiction in Damascus.234 Evidence & Commentary Peerbolte raises a parallel in the history of the Maccabees, in […] 

Historicity of the book of Acts (3)

Peter’s address: Acts 4:4 Robert Grant claimed that the population of Jerusalem was too small for 5,000 converts to Christianity.1 Grant’s estimate of the population of Jerusalem relied on an influential study by Jeremias in 1943, 2 3 but did not mention that Jeremias calculated a far higher population figure for festival seasons such as passover, at which he estimated […] 

Historicity of the book of Acts (2)

Some verses in Acts use the second person plural (‘we’), indicating that the writer is participating in the events he is describing. The traditional interpretation (that the writer was an eyewitness, the traditional Luke),1 was challenged in the twentieth century.2 Although there currently exists no scholarly consensus on the “we” passages,3 three interpretations in particular have become dominant: a) the […]