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The Two Books: Historic harmony of Bible & nature

The Bible describes nature as a reliable witness to God, His character, and His truth, in harmony with the written word of Scripture; Psalms 8 1 & 19,2 3 4 Acts 4:16-17,5 6 7 Romans 1:19-20.8 9 10 Early Jewish expositors understood this,11 and Jesus taught it also.12 In Christianity the principle became known as the ‘two books’.13 c.130-202: Irenaeus14 […] 

Who was Hypatia?

The Myths Hypatia has been depicted as a revolutionary woman scientist,1 the last of the ancient pagan scientists,2 a representative of feminist values,3 and the designer of the astrolabe and hydrometer.4 5 Her death has been considered exemplary of the intolerance of religion,6 and the death of Greek science.7 8 The Facts Hypatia was a neo-Platonist lecturer and scholar in […] 

Was Christianity responsible for the death of Greek science?

The Claim Early Muslims repeatedly claimed for polemical purposes that Christianity brought Greek science to an end.1 2 3 This view has become commonly accepted,4 though the reality is different. 5 Dating the Decline Although estimates vary, historians of science typically agree that the decline of Greek science started before the Christian era.6 7 Farrington dates the decline from the […]