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Living On the Edge: a book for doubting Christians

Living On the Edge: a book for doubting Christians Today Christians in the Western world are typically living in a post-Christian society. Christian beliefs are met with skepticism, and people see little reason to believe. Christians are confronted with daily challenges to their faith, and often struggle to understand the relevance of Christianity to modern life. Professional surveys indicate the following reasons why young Christians lose their […] 

Errors at Religious Tolerance: Christianity and the environment

The website ‘Religious Tolerance‘ makes the following claims. No matter how you describe yourself, you should find your beliefs and practices accurately represented in this website. Almost all other religious websites explain only the beliefs of the webmaster or sponsoring faith group. We are different: we try to explain accurately the full diversity of religious beliefs, worldviews, and systems of […] 

Is Christianity responsible for the ecological crisis?

The claim that Christianity was responsible for the ecological crisis1 has been contested,234 but is still asserted strongly.56 A key text has been Genesis 1:26,7 a common interpretation of which is known as dominium terrare.8 Such an interpretation is absent from the first 1,000 years of Christianity,9 and many scholars reject this as the original meaning of the passage.101112 In […] 

The Cost of Creation

Many people wonder how a loving God could have created a world in which natural disasters occur. What most people do not realize is that such disasters are typically the product of natural systems which most of the time operate for our benefit. To put it one way, natural disasters are the ‘cost’ we ‘pay’ for systems which promote, protect […] 

The Biblical Flood Narrative: does the text indicate a local or global flood?

There are three possible interpretations of the Genesis flood: Anthropologically global, geographically global: all humans everywhere in the earth affected, the entire earth covered with water Anthropologically global, geographically local: all humans on the earth affected, but only a local area of the earth covered with water because all the humans were localized Anthropologically local, geographically local: only humans within […] 

The Merneptah Stele: Earliest evidence for Israel in Canaan?

Israel In Canaan The Merneptah Stele is a pillar erected by Pharaoh Merneptah, recording his conquests in 13th century BCE Canaan.1 Among them, Merneptah records the Israelites, proving they were established in Canaan by then.2 Challenges A minority of Biblical scholars have challenged the reading of the Merneptah Stele,3 suggesting that it does not refer to the Israelites; representatives of […] 

Does the archaeological ‘Low Chronology’ disprove the Biblical narrative?

The Challenge The ‘Low Chronology’ is a proposed redating of the Iron Age,1 dating the reigns of David and Solomon to a time during which there is no archaeological evidence supporting them.2 The Objections Proposed at least as early as the 1980s,3 the redating received almost no support,4 and was resisted strongly by the archaeological consensus.5 Objections were raised by […] 

Is Solomon’s wealth a literary fiction?

The Challenge The Biblical account of Solomon’s wealth has been described as unrealistic, in standard critical commentaries.1 Many scholars are sceptical, 2 3 4 though some express their doubts cautiously.5 6 Ancient Uses of Gold Ancient uses of gold for construction which are analogous to Solomon’s include the tomb of Tutankhamen,7 extensive use of gold plating on buildings in the […] 

Was Christianity responsible for the death of Greek science?

The Claim Early Muslims repeatedly claimed for polemical purposes that Christianity brought Greek science to an end.1 2 3 This view has become commonly accepted,4 though the reality is different. 5 Dating the Decline Although estimates vary, historians of science typically agree that the decline of Greek science started before the Christian era.6 7 Farrington dates the decline from the […] 

What benefits are there to being religious?

The Challenge Atheist authors Christopher Hitchens1 and Richard Dawkins2 have condemned religious belief as harmful and useless. Both authors have been criticized for failing to note specific benefits of strong religious belief.34567 The Facts Strong religious belief provides a range of physical, emotional, social, financial, psychological, and health benefits;89 reducing health risks, increasing the likelihood of longevity10 and mental health,11 […]