Freely available scholarly literature

Comments on this site are expected to demonstrate familiarity with the relevant scholarly literature. This brief animated guide explains what a scholarly journal is. The following peer reviewed scholarly journals make themselves available online for free, and we recommend their use if you wish to be informed on topics covered by this site.

* Bulletin for Biblical Research (wide ranging articles on Biblical topics; volumes 1-18 available)
* Journal of Ancient Near East Studies (useful for archaeological information)
* Journal of Philosophy & Scripture (discussing the interaction between philosophy and the Bible)
* Journal for the Renewal of Religion and Theology (broad scope of topics related to religion and spirituality)
* lectio difficilior (Biblical exegesis from a feminist perspective)
* TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism (professional textual criticism of the Bible)

This is a list of links to lists or collections of free online scholarly journals.

* 100 Free Academic Journals You Can Access Online
* Directory of Open Access Journals
* List of journals available free online
* Scholarly Exchange

These are free online journals which do not have scholarly status, but which are nevertheless useful.

* Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (Biblical exegesis and commentary from a North American evangelical perspective)
* Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith (Christian journal on the interaction between science and the Bible; many of the authors have professional qualifications in science)
* Quodlibet (Christian journal on Biblical interpretation, theology, science, and social issues)

Some popular but contentious subjects (such as evolution and global warming), require a good background knowledge obtained from reliable sources. Without endorsing all of the statements on the following sites, we recommend these two in particular for accurate information on evolution and global warming; comments on this subject should demonstrate knowledge of this background material.

* Global warming: Skeptical Science (FAQ)
* Evolution: TalkOrigins (FAQ)

Members wishing to comment on these topics will be expected to familiarize themselves with the content of these two sites.