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Forum Guidelines

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Purpose and Intent of this forum

Please see here.

1. Please use short signatures and static avatars.

2. Please be courteous; no flaming, trolling, or baiting. If you do not understand what constitutes courtesy, you may not wish to post here.

3. When presenting an argument or point of view, please state your case clearly and concisely.

4. Plagiarism, hit-and-run posting, false advocacy and other forms of intellectual dishonesty will not be tolerated; please reference your sources appropriately, and be prepared to discuss or defend them.

5. Criticisms of Christian theology and the Bible must demonstrate engagement with the relevant scholarly literature.

6. Serious breaches of the rules will result in a formal warning; six formal warnings will result in a ban.

7. Do not copy and distribute any non-public content outside this forum, in any way.

Forum staff reserve the right to take the following action at our discretion, after arriving at a consensus decision. Since this process will be fulfilled to the letter, no appeal will be considered.

1. Moderate all content.
2. Reject free email clients.
3. Withdraw member privileges for breach of formal guidelines.

updated July 12, 2013.
updated March 20, 2010.
updated April 18, 2009.

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