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  1. Does anyone else here get a blank white page when they try viewing certain topics at BTDF? I can't even start a new topic or reply to anything over there because I get a blank white page.
  2. Sorry I'm late to the party. ;-) I agree with your assessment Jonno. There are many sites and forums that ignorantly equate an author's preterist beliefs re: the Olivet prophecy with an adherence to Preterism as an apocalyptic scheme of interpretation, whereby historicists have many times been labelled Preterists. I witnessed a discussion at a Covenanter board where John Wycliffe was claimed as a Preterist. The same holds true with historicist authors who write something that *appears* to make him out to be a futurist, when in fact he's far from it. I actually debated a guy years ago who argued Sir Isaac Newton was a futurist! Ignorance is bliss in professing Christendom. Few are able to understand the correct definition of a Preterist, let alone interpret the Apocalypse correctly. God bless! Keith