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  1. Ok, this is just ridiculous. SDA if you are going to post nonsense like this, without doing even the slightest bit of research you are going to end up getting a formal moderator warning. We have pretty strict rules about doing your research before posting things on BEREA Note: creation.com doesn't count as research
  2. You assumed wrong
  3. This is what happens when you necro threads from 7 years ago
  4. @KenGilmore be interested in your input in this one
  5. What exactly makes him more presidential now?
  6. Are you saying that we don't?
  7. I think the regressive left is just as guilty of this as the alt-right
  8. We did a forum upgrade a about a year or so ago, quite a lot of old links to things were broken and because they aren't active threads anymore, we haven't gone back through at fixed any of it. @Flappie may no how to restore it.
  9. Where do you get that idea from?
  10. I would add a distinction here. Right belief leads to an understanding of right conduct, doesn't mean it happens. However, and I have said this to you before. I think we need to stop and think about the practical outworking of our beliefs, at what point are we simply arguing over the meaning of words, and doing nothing practical. I have seen so many atonement arguments destroy ecclesias which often come down to mere semantics, and while we are spending hours arguing over doctrine, the homeless are still homeless, the fatherless are still fatherless and the widow is still a widow - and often, we are still doing nothing about it.
  11. Depends. On the less conservative side of our community, I don't know many people under the age of 40 who use anything other than a more modern translation (ESV, NET etc) On the more conservative side, the KJV and NKJV still seem to hold out as the most common, however from my experience the youth are starting to change that, even in the really conservative meetings, the ESV is not uncommon in those under 25.
  12. Hi Everyone, We were testing the latest forum upgrade in our Test-environment and it somehow broke the live environment. The easiest solution was to just upgrade the live forum. There is a fairly large change to the 'New Content' view, everything is now in an activity stream. If you get lost, or find anything not working - Send me or one of the other admins a PM - @Flappie @Chris @Fortigurn
  13. I listened to the first half last night and then got sidetracked by a work call. I thought you're explanation of the cosmological argument was good, simple, and hit the main points well. Need to listen to it through again to get hear all of the fine tuning argument. Both are good arguments, and this type of thing could form a really good 'series' of say 3 20-25 min talks where different arguments are covered in each. 1) Fine Tuning and Cosmological 2) Historicity of Jesus and Evidence for the resurrection 3) Christian Morals / Ethics (not the tired old, morals don't exist without God, but WHY christian morals are superior)
  14. Hi everyone, On Monday we will be pushing through an upgrade to the forum software for BEREA. There are quite a lot of new features in the new board software, and it has a completely new look and feel. So don't freak out if you go to login on Tuesday and everything is different. Unsure exactly how long the upgrade will take, but BEREA will be offline during the upgrade. If you have any login difficulties after the upgrade, contact me on my email nathan@moorhouse.Id.au