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    Flappie's post above is a good one. Steven Cox wrote a good series on this as well as other fables in the NT. Here's the link to the series on the Tidings website. http://www.tidings.org/wp//?s=Jewish+Fables Here is the series article specific to this thread: http://www.tidings.org/wp/?p=2027
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    I thoroughly agree with you on all of the above.
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    I don't. Most Christadelphians on this forum probably don't although it's likely the majority opinion in the wider Christadelphian community. It's based on little more than the fact that Daniel uses the terminology 'king of the north' and Ezekiel 38 references the 'uttermost parts of the north'.
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    I wrote this a few years ago on the subject. Maybe it will be helpful for you. http://berea-portal.com/a-survey-of-schurers-challenges-to-the-lukan-census-1/
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