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Articles addressing the historicity of Jesus.

Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Satan & demons: Thomas Farrar's commentaryIn response to an eight part study I wrote on Christ’s temptation in the wilderness, Tom Farrar has written a four part response to just one of my arguments. I address all four parts of his response in this article. Part one: midrash & historical […] 

The Historical Jesus: Recommended Reading

Abstract With the rise of interest in studies of the historical Jesus and the increasing presence of mythicism on the internet, Bible believers are advised to be well informed on the subject of Jesus historicity. This article provides a balanced reading list of resources presenting the evidence for Jesus’ historicity and the authenticity of the Jesus tradition, and addressing mythicist […] 

Living On the Edge: a book for doubting Christians

Living On the Edge: a book for doubting Christians Today Christians in the Western world are typically living in a post-Christian society. Christian beliefs are met with skepticism, and people see little reason to believe. Christians are confronted with daily challenges to their faith, and often struggle to understand the relevance of Christianity to modern life. Professional surveys indicate the following reasons why young Christians lose their […]