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What do Christians & witch doctors have in common?

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Satan & demons: Thomas Farrar's commentaryThomas Farrar, previously a Christadelphian, not only believes in a literal supernatural satan and demons, but also believes in the efficacy and value of traditional African witch doctors. In this correspondence with a Christadelphian, Thomas explains the reason for his position. Furthermore, by denying the […] 

Living On the Edge: a book for doubting Christians

Living On the Edge: a book for doubting Christians Today Christians in the Western world are typically living in a post-Christian society. Christian beliefs are met with skepticism, and people see little reason to believe. Christians are confronted with daily challenges to their faith, and often struggle to understand the relevance of Christianity to modern life. Professional surveys indicate the following reasons why young Christians lose their […] 

Early Christian resistance to witch hunts

Between 40,000 and 60,000 people died in the witch hunts of the Early Modern period1. Three developments in Christian doctrine contributed: 1) a return to belief in witches, 2) changes in the doctrine of Satan, 3) the identification of witchcraft as heresy. Belief in witches was widespread in medieval Europe,2 and the secular legal codes of Europe punished witchcraft as […]