Category: Historicity

Is Solomon’s wealth a literary fiction?

The Challenge The Biblical account of Solomon’s wealth has been described as unrealistic, in standard critical commentaries.1 Many scholars are sceptical, 2 3 4 though some express their doubts cautiously.5 6 Ancient Uses of Gold Ancient uses of gold for construction which are analogous to Solomon’s include the tomb of Tutankhamen,7 extensive use of gold plating on buildings in the […] 

Was the Genesis flood narrative copied from Mesopotamian myths?

The Challenge By the end of the 19th century archaeology had discovered many Mesopotamian texts containing creation and flood narratives remarkably similar to those in the Bible. Critical scholars came to believe that the Biblical narratives had simply been copied from earlier Mesopotamian myths.12The Biblical flood narrative in particular is still considered by some scholars to have been borrowed from […] 

Is the Bible’s chronology of the kings of Israel accurate?

The Challenge In the late 19th century, critical scholar Julius Wellhausen claimed the Biblical chronology of the kings of Israel was a literary invention for religious purposes, which had been edited and revised several times from a variety of different sources, rather than a genuine historical record.1 For the next 70 years, critical scholars continued to treat the chronology as […]