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Articles addressing science and Christianity.

Living On the Edge: a book for doubting Christians

Living On the Edge: a book for doubting Christians Today Christians in the Western world are typically living in a post-Christian society. Christian beliefs are met with skepticism, and people see little reason to believe. Christians are confronted with daily challenges to their faith, and often struggle to understand the relevance of Christianity to modern life. Professional surveys indicate the following reasons why young Christians lose their […] 

The Two Books: Historic harmony of Bible & nature

The Bible describes nature as a reliable witness to God, His character, and His truth, in harmony with the written word of Scripture; Psalms 8 1 & 19,2 3 4 Acts 4:16-17,5 6 7 Romans 1:19-20.8 9 10 Early Jewish expositors understood this,11 and Jesus taught it also.12 In Christianity the principle became known as the ‘two books’.13 c.130-202: Irenaeus14 […] 

Who was Hypatia?

The Myths Hypatia has been depicted as a revolutionary woman scientist,1 the last of the ancient pagan scientists,2 a representative of feminist values,3 and the designer of the astrolabe and hydrometer.4 5 Her death has been considered exemplary of the intolerance of religion,6 and the death of Greek science.7 8 The Facts Hypatia was a neo-Platonist lecturer and scholar in […] 

Was Christianity responsible for the death of Greek science?

The Claim Early Muslims repeatedly claimed for polemical purposes that Christianity brought Greek science to an end.1 2 3 This view has become commonly accepted,4 though the reality is different. 5 Dating the Decline Although estimates vary, historians of science typically agree that the decline of Greek science started before the Christian era.6 7 Farrington dates the decline from the […]